K:02 update, new aesthetics
and future plans


It's been a long time without big update from us, that's because we're being busy with work, almost without a day off for the last 30 days and now we are ready to share the interesting things that we have made for you.

New version of K:02
As you have already noticed, the keyboard body has changed to white (details below), but this is not all that we have changed:

Upgraded case
With the initial version of the case, the problem was that it was difficult to open and close, special fasteners for connecting the upper and lower parts could break, as a result of which the maintainability of the keyboard was greatly reduced, since it was not recommended to open it. We redesigned the case and fixed this problem, now the bottom plate is hidden, it is easy to open and close. The case is now fully modular and consists of three parts (top plate, switch plate and bottom plate), instead of two as before. And what is most interesting, for each half, only two screws are used, which can be unscrewed to disconnect the board from the switch plate, there are no more screws. Cool, isn't it? Long live 3D printing!
No more RGB
There are a number of reasons why we removed it from K:02:
  • Due to the design of the case, it is almost invisible
  • Some users experience keyboard instability due to it (especially on low-power laptops or in power saving mode), which can lead to controller failure
  • Initially, the LED was planned to be functional and show the user what layer he is on, but such navigation is already provided by OLEDs, which is much more convenient and easier to understand than determining the layer number by the color of the RGB

Type-C connection between halves
Now K:02 is completely safe from short circuits that happened during the disconnection of the TRRS cable while the keyboard was plugged. You can now disconnect one of the halves at any time and continue working on the one that is connected to the PC. It is very convenient when one of the hands, for example, is occupied with a mouse, and there is not enough space for its use. And in general, the Type-C connection is more correct in terms of electronic engineering.
Bongo cat reborn
Now he is more canonical, watch the video:
New setting
Once upon a time we decided to test the white PLA for a new case, and the results, to put it mildly, impressed us very much. Compared to the black/dark color, the white plastic is matte and it looks much cooler. As soon as we saw the fully assembled keyboard in the new white case, we knew that this is it, this is the aesthetic that we needed. Now the keyboard fully conveys the atmosphere, the very futuristic theme that we are striving for here. And we hope you will like it too.
Future plans
This spring, we plan to redesign Remnant keyboard in a white, similar style, also without LEDs and with displays. It will also be easier to manufacture, which will allow us to easily produce it on a more larger scale.

In addition to the new version of the remnant, also expect a useful macropad and our first non-split keyboard from us in the spring. Even more, new devices will have interesting innovations, something that there wasn't before.

We continue to add free useful things for our customers, in addition to magnetic keyboard stands, we also added these handy clips for your cables so that you always have an order on your desk. :)

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