our goals
Hi, if you are reading this article, it means that you are interested to know more about Ergohaven, our goals, path and main ideas.
And so, without much preamble, here is what we want to say:

We believe that the modern world became spineless, boring and predictable. In pursuit of the profit big companies release every year same devices, same hardware, same vehicles, slightly upgrading insides and, if you are fortunate enough, visual look.
Nobody tries risk anymore, everybody interested in profits.

This situation can be observed as in hardware space and in digital space.
Here is the reader could argue that this can't be true and there is a lot going on with technology, for example: electric auto, cryptocurrency, VR/AR, artificial intelligence, etc. But we should consider the fact that all of the above are not that exciting for a common man. An average person are not really cares or interested what kind of fuel his car takes, which method he will use to pay for his groceries, does the techsupport a person or a robot and at what kind of angle we could be playing our favorite videogame.
Based on the above, we want to convey to the reader the idea that modern innovations are mostly internal in nature and rather trying to improve and optimize the modern system, but in no way trying to change it, as was the case with the advent of the first cars, landlines, radios, computers, Internet, mobile phones, smartphones. However, there are also many things that are morally obsolete and have not changed for centuries in the world of technology - which surprises us a lot.
The past decade has been quite fruitless for external innovations, the present decade is no different from the previous one.
Has humanity finally reached its pinnacle? Has mercantilism captured the modern world completely and is further technological progress possible not tied to money earnings as the main and ultimate goal?

Is it possible to change habitual things, way of thinking and human interaction with the world and technologies around us? Is a completely different life possible, as in retrofuturistic paintings by famous artists of the last century, as in the most famous sci-fi books, movies and video games of our time? Is it possible in our world to turn fantasy into an idea? Is it possible to invent something completely new, which has never been before, from scratch, and make this invention useful for all mankind?
Here at Ergohaven we try to find answers to the questions above.

Starting our journey with peripherals, and in particular modern typing on a PC, we are confident that:
- the traditional keyboard with staggered rows is a relic of the past.
- in our time of massive hyper-digitization, a user who spends a lot of time at a PC should have the best tools for the job.
In any other profession, using the worst tool is unwise, but why doesn't anyone in the most in-demand professions of the 21st century ask questions about obsolete tools?
- it's time to break the outdated paradigm in the world of peripherals.
These statements apply to many things and will be applied by us again and again, no matter what we undertake.

We do not want to be a manufacturer of niche devices for hobbyists, we want to make original products that will be used by whole humanity.
We don't want to sell quirky innovations to a few geeks, we want to change the mindset of the entire planet.
We don't want the conformity of the past, we want the future.