Lily is gone
and the future of the company

What happened?

As many people have noticed, Lily58 has been out of stock for quite a while and now we have removed the keyboard completely from our store.
As the company approaches around 1.5 years of its existence, we have founded some flaws in the keyboard design which we sell, they are only internal and affects only those who builds them, not the end users though.

Lily58 Pro keyboard

So what's the deal with Lily58?
For example, it has footprints for Choc hotswap sockets, but we chose to stick with MX hotswap sockets, therefore for our purposes they're useless.
Of course it's possible to just ignore them, that's what we did before the decision, but the absence of the possibility to add an RGB lighting was another con for us.
And having similar keyboard but with RGB and encoders Sofle, it was clear to us that Lily58 has become redundant.
Last nail in the coffin was our decision to use a more powerful chip for our keyboards

What's the future holds?
We are confident that we have matured enough to develop our own keyboards and other devices from now on. In the coming months you will be astonished of what products we have in our sleeve.

Codeword: endgame

We have been working tirelessly this past summer on our new product, a keyboard which we can proudly call our flagman.

The distinct features of this keyboard will be its production cycle and a new different ecosystem, which will bring a true end game keyboard for our users.

Our new prototype


Compared to any other keyboards on the market, be it traditional or cutting edge split keyboards, our new flagman will be constantly developing and updating, just like a good software rather than a typical hardware approach where the design will be obsolete in the future.

So this new production method brings a ton of promising features like collecting feedback from our customers and rapidly upgrading the design or rolling new updates in the software, an end user would just need to drag and drop new firmware to their keyboard and resume his work without bothering of doing this manually from a command line and then reflashing both sides.
Most importantly, we aim to bring a whole new ecosystem to the keyboard by making an additional accessories and devices. This modular approach will bring a separate products such as wristrests, pointing devices, cases and much more, so the users will be able to chose what they need to make their experience with the keyboard even better.
Is it even possible? Doesn't this take a lot of time? I don't want to wait for years.
Yes, in the traditional process to make this ecosystem possible it will take a lot of time, but in the rising prominent technologies such as 3D printing (to which we have decided to stick) this will take only months, bypassing all of the long delivery and production chain of a traditional product development method.
We will explain in the coming articles more of our plans and we also working on our manifesto/whitepaper/philosophy which will see the light very soon and help you understand what are we thinking here at Ergohaven more.
But for now we just have to conclude this article with a promise that the future has never been brighter!

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